For first home buyers or savvy property investors, forecasting the future of an area in which their property is to reside is of chief concern – and rightly so, as a home or investment is a long term investment and subject heavily to the area in which it resides, responsive to changes in economy, community and chiefly infrastructure. Under new planning arrangements, Greater Sydney’s West is one such area that is earmarked for considerable change in the future.

The architects of the aforementioned planning; the Greater Sydney Commission has begun mobilizing existing strategic planning for the future of Sydney into the next 20 years with the drafting of six district plans. These plans, which have been described as ‘bridge’ between the NSW Government’s metropolitan plan; ‘A plan for Growing Sydney’ (2014) and local land use planning to combat the detachment between state strategic planning and local council objectives. Contained therein are district specific objectives, strategies and targets in a collaborative attempt to best
implement the overarching themes and objectives of the metropolitan plan and its recent amendment ‘Towards Greater Sydney 2056’ (2016).


He plans are currently a draft and open to community and stakeholder submissions but lay the foundation for future council and state initiatives into areas, in particular strategic and district centers such as Blacktown, Parramatta and Penrith amongst others.

Central to these draft plans is the concept of planning for ’30 minute cities’ via the planning for a ‘Three Sydney City’. The idea being that all residents will be within 30 minutes from their place of work or place of study, recreational facilities and health services.

Sydney and its central business district will continue to function as the ‘Eastern City’, the emerging Parramatta and the Greater Parramatta Olympic Peninsula economic area (GPOP) will function as the ‘Central City’ and a new city will be developed positioned close to the planned second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek as Sydney’s third ‘West City’ envisioned to be the size of Adelaide.

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