We’ll establish your
budget and affordability.


We’ll help you choose a block
of land in your desired location.


We’ll customise a home to meet
your budget and lifestyle requirements.

Who are we?


The Time to Own Your Own Home is NOW. With the availability of government financial incentives and attractively low interest rates, there’s never been a better time for renters in Australia to own their own home. However, although people are attracted to the idea of owning their own homes, difficulties in securing deposits, knock-backs from banks, astronomical prices and the hard work and commitment involved put many off.

Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of Australians are looking for ways to build their ideal home instead of buying an established property. Done properly, this can be a financial winner. But those looking to ‘go it alone’ and build their own home can also face the real risk of financial ruin. Some find that they are unable to navigate the complexities and intricacies of the construction industry; the costs of building a home can quite easily spiral out of control from the word go; furthermore, it can be an enormously stressful and time-consuming undertaking.

About us

The Macquarie York company, services in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria and takes the heavy lifting out of the home-build process by providing you with a full and comprehensive consultation service: from concept to finance, design and development.

“Our goal is simple: to help as many people as possible to own their own home. Macquarie York’s combined experience within the construction and property industries is over 100 years and, as we’ve proved time and time again, we’re very well placed to make people’s home ownership dreams come true.”

The extraordinary success of our home ownership programme has shown it to be a realistic and effective way forward for renters who are struggling to achieve their dream of finally owning their own home.

Why build your own home?

There at least two strong reasons to build your own home:

Self-builds, if managed properly, should be worth significantly more than the standard construction costs upon completion. This means that you get your ideal home for a fraction of the market price.

Building your own home gives you the luxury of including features that may either be impossible or too expensive to install in established properties.

The Macquarie York Consultation Service

Our goal is to help renters in NSW & QLD own the home of their dreams, quicker than they ever thought possible.

We’ve taken all the mystery out of the home building/ownership process, and created a program for renters just like you. Our consultation service comprises three aspects – finance and budgeting, selecting and securing land for the build and design and development

Budgeting and getting finance approved

We’ll work with you to research the likely cost of land, architect fees, builders, materials, fixtures, fittings and everything else you’ll need when you build a property from scratch.

Then we’ll help you with one of the most substantial hurdles that need to be overcome before construction can even begin – securing finance. The amount you’re able to borrow will, in most cases, determine your final budget. Successful home ownership owes much to the skills of your broker; however, not all brokers were created equally. Rest assured that Macquarie York only works with the leading brokers in the country. Our brokers have access to all of Australia’s major banks and will help you secure the best possible funding option for your situation

Selecting and securing land

Once your budget is established, the most crucial decision we’ll help you make is finding a plot of land for your new home. Although you may already have an idea of where you’d like to live, there are a myriad of factors to consider before you make your final decision, and it’s critical you’re happy with the location before you take the plunge. How will you get to and from work? Are you reliant on public transport? If so, you’ll need to check which areas are best served by public transport. If you have a young family then you should check out the quality of the local schools, too. Another aspect you may wish to consider is the market value of properties in the surrounding area; this will give you an idea of the likely profit you’ll make should you wish to sell your home at a later date. Once you’ve chosen your preferred location, we’ll work with our various partners: land developers, private sellers and real estate agents to help you secure your plot of land at an advantageous price.

Design and development

Your house is your castle, but it’s also the place you’ll call your home. We’ll make sure your sanctuary is built to the most exacting standards of construction and build to ensure it remains structurally sound for years to come. Interiors-wise, our standard inclusions are both comprehensive and impressive – expect luxury features such as designer kitchens with stone benchtops, multiple living areas, elegant bathroom suites, landscaped gardens and much more.

1. What’s your particular aesthetic?

2. A three-bedroom minimalist space?

3. A four-bedroom, contemporary family home?

Macquarie York offers a full ‘turnkey’ solution – from the type of fence you want to the numbers on your letterbox. Our level of inclusions is the most comprehensive in the industry; something we’re very proud of.

How to get started

Macquarie York is challenging the established means of home ownership. And it couldn’t be easier to get started. If you are serious about becoming a home owner and getting your foot squarely on the property ladder, we can help. Call us today on 1300 002 121 or get started now.