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Save up to 15% off the Listed Property Price and create instant useable equity!

If you are looking for the best possible price on property, then do not miss this Macquarie York event! Macquarie York is excited to introduce this original random event where buyers are offered exclusive “outside of the market savings” on property. This opportunity is suited to buyers and investors who are ready to buy and who are able to buy on-the-spot.




Why should you be interested in these events?

Through our business a liates, we are able to occasionally offer exclusive savings to our customers. Wouldn’t you like to save up to 15% off the listed price of your next property and create instant useable equity? We think you would.

Who is this event suited to?

Astute buyers or investors, who are ready to purchase property now. Invitations will be sent to Macquarie York members who have expressed their timing, capacity and investment objectives to us. Please contact us to register your interest.

Who is this event NOT suited to?

Buyers or potential investors who are not ready to buy, but are seeking education or motivation to buy a home or investment property. If this sounds more like you, please register your interest in My Investment Discussions.


Don’t miss out on the best property deals in Sydney with savings not available to the general market.
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We don’t know! MY Private Deals events will be random due to deals we are able to secure at the time. As a result, your invitation may arrive to you at short notice.


Details of MY Private Deals properties will be presented to you with supporting market research and analysis by Macquarie York property expert, Anthony Aoun. You will be welcomed at the chosen venue with a selection of light refreshments to enjoy.

Private Viewings

MY Private Deals are event-only opportunities, therefore, private viewings or offers are not available or accepted before or after the event.


My Private Deals are exclusive and available to selected Macquarie York clients and business partners only. You do not have to negotiate and spend countless hours looking for a great deal. We’ve found your next great investment property or home for you!

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