Buying a first home is an exciting and daunting prospect with lots of important factors to consider. For many, however, the astronomical prices of property, the difficulty of saving for a deposit and the financial pressures of life, in general, make doing so too difficult to even consider. With government financial incentives, low-interest rates and off the plan investment opportunities available, however, the time has never been better to stop being a renter and start being a homeowner. Herein we explore some new ways in which you can get into your first home faster.
Building your own home
Building your own home may sound like a very expensive way to get onto the property ladder, but actually the opposite is true. Self-builds, when managed properly, should be worth significantly more than the construction costs when finished, which means that you can get a great market position at a fraction of the cost. With finance options that allow you to build a home and borrow against the value of the completed project, you could build on finance and reap the benefits of huge returns.
Budgeting and finance
With the New Home Group, you can benefit from help and support in calculating the budget for your home and seeking finance. Using the experienced team you’ll be able to get realistic estimates for everything from land costs and architect fees to builders, materials and fittings. This takes the mystery out of building your own home and you’ll then be armed with realistic quotes with which to seek financial support. New Home Group also has access to the leading mortgage brokers in the country, ensuring that you will be able to benefit from the best possible funding for your situation.
Securing the land
Once you have financing in place, you can select and purchase the land for your new home. While there are many considerations to be made in selecting the perfect location for your home, you’ll have the support of New Home Group to help you get ahead and choose a location where property values are likely to increase and your investment will be able to grow and develop over time. With the experience of the New Home Group, you will be able to maximise the value that you can get from your dream home to build a secure future for your family.
Designing and developing your home
The next important step in becoming a homeowner is in developing your home to be both valuable and perfect for your needs. Unlike traditional home purchases, with New Home Group you will have complete freedom to make the house that you want. Instead of buying a standard property with limited choice, you can build whatever you want within your budget.
Becoming a homeowner
With the help of New Home Group, you can challenge the traditional routes to becoming a homeowner and can get your foot onto the property ladder with far less financial risk than traditional means. You can become a homeowner by borrowing to build and create yourself a home at a fraction of the price of an older build.

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