Macquarie York Property Investors Come First

Property investors who choose to work with us as their strategic partner, become part of the Macquarie York group where all relationships are valued. We will work with you to achieve your property investment objectives through consultancy and sourcing suitable assets for your portfolio.

Investor Services

  • Consultation
  • Property Arena investor forum
  • Property matching software
  • Investment portfolio reports
  • Historical area and populations reports
  • Property management
  • Pre-settlements
  • Re-sales

Our understanding of the real estate market, its unique factors and risks that influence price variances, is not derived from simply observing the believed property cycle. We interpret investing in property as a marketplace where many variables apply, and so identify investment potential through evidence based research.

Macquarie York’s strategy agrees with and observes the following extract from ASIC Regulatory Guides RG168 that “future predictions cannot be determined by past performance for any asset class”.

Our Real Estate Research Gets You Results

At Macquarie York we know our property investors deserve careful research and qualified information to confidently make their financial choices. Our research methodology includes how My 7© Investment Factors will influence and have a bearing on a property’s performance and its suitability to a client’s needs.

The My7© Investment Factors we observe is listed under the following three key categories:

Area information

  • Location
  • Price range
  • Capital growth potential

Property Physical attributes

  • General
  • Liquidity

Property Financial attributes

  • Performance
  • Property purchase price

Macquarie York consults with you over the three stages of property investing which are Acquire, Hold and Access. The best property choice is determined and secured, the time to hold is monitored, and all the while you have access to the financial benefits of your asset. We always keep in mind that investing is about making money and not about saving tax.

We want you to be as confident in our real estate advice as we are, and this is why we back up our recommendations with statistics and all round real estate experience gained from over 30 years in the industry. We invite you to join the Macquarie York investors group today.

  • Under NRAS, the Australian Government is providing Incentives to:

    • Increase the supply of affordable rental dwellings
    • Reduce rental costs for low to moderate income households
    • Encourage large scale property investment and innovative delivery of affordable housing accross Australia
  • The Scheme offers annual Incentives for ten years. The two key elements of the incentives are:

    • A Commonwealth Government Incentive currently of $7,486 per dwelling per year as a refundable tax offset or payment
    • A State or Territory Government Incentive currently of $2,495 per dwelling per year in direct or in kind financial support

    The NRAS program is also designed to provide a method and incentive for property investors to build wealth through property investment, while also stimulating the economy and the building industry across Australia. Purchasing an NRAS approved property is like purchasing any other investment accept it comes with greater added benefits.

  • Benefits of NRAS for Property Investors

    • Great Tax benefits
    • Higher rental returns
    • Lower vacancy rates
    • Government backed scheme

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  • The importance of goal setting

    Whilst it is true that not everybody has the same physical and mental attributes, we all have the same opportunity to do certain things that will make our futures either better or worse. Most people enjoy the idea of being able to take control of their financial future and make life a little more enjoyable. No matter what your goal in life – whether it’s personal, professional, or financial – you must have an individual strategy to succeed. Lifestyle planning (TM) has been designed simply to help you evaluate your current situation and determine the most effective way to achieve your future goals and ambitions.

    Navigating your way through life may seem like a mystery tour at times. In order to arrive at your destination you need a mixture of luck and foresight, just what position you’re in when you get there depends on the standard of the objectives you initially set and the quality of the goals you seek to achieve. Every individual has their own set of values, dreams and ambitions as diverse as they are unique. Moreover, we each have the opportunity of making decisions that can directly affect the quality of our lives.

    There are many things people want from life- happiness, health, and security, peace of mind, friendship, good family, relationship, hope and reasonable level of prosperity. It may be said that with a better than reasonable level of prosperity you would have a fair handle on everything else. Yet why is it that the majority of people fail to achieve even the most basic of human desires?

  • Developing your lifestyle plan

    Step 1. Set clear, achievable goals and definite timeframes
    Step 2. Match investment goals
    Step 3. Use the 3 Avenues to Wealth
    Step 4. Diversify your investments
    Step 5. Tax Minimisation

    The choice is yours

    Mr. Zig Zigler, a successful businessman and one of the most powerful motivational speakers said “Whilst there is hope in the future there is power in today!” With high hope, a chief aim and a purposeful attitude, we can achieve most things in life provided we want them for ourselves in the first instance. A right attitude simply helps you use more effectively what you already know. Add to this modicum of qualified information, supplemented by the valuable lesson that life teaches us and we are in position to take advantage of the gifts that life will surely present to us.