Optimise Development Sales Success with Macquarie York

“Macquarie York project marketing and sales, alleviates your concerns regarding pricing and marketing your property development successfully.”

It would be arduous to expect a property developer to have the experience and skills that covers all aspects of a development project.

We do not operate in the same mode as a real estate agent, who will often pitch to a vendor simply by promising a high sales price, accompanied with a glossy marketing campaign. Getting the pricing strategy wrong from the outset can create a faulty sales momentum which leaves you to cover costs. This is why the pricing strategy must be accurate.

We research the current market conditions to ensure you have practical expectations and a realistic budget to work with. Our experience in the property industry spans nearly 30 years, and in this time we have seen many changes in the property landscape.

Our Project Marketing strategy is List to Sell that is based upon current market conditions and pricing objectives to ensure your stock is desirable and sells at a profit.

Macquarie York understands that your requirements may change during the development and sales life of your project; we therefore offer a number of professional services to assist during these periods. These services include:

  • Master agent; Macquarie York manages all aspects of project marketing and sales channels
  • My agent; A dedicated agent to work exclusively under your brand and project sales
  • Consultancy; Fee-for-service pricing and marketing strategy

Project Marketing and Sales

  • Master agent
  • My agent
  • Consultancy
  • List to sell pricing strategy
  • Property matching software
  • Investment reporting platform
  • Fee-for-service pricing strategy
  • Project consultation
  • Professional marketing
  • Sales exposure through Property Arena

How Our Project Marketing Consultancy Works

Our consultancy is a fee-for-service. You may require project pricing for gross realisation estimates, or need to re-strategise your current sales plan. Maybe you simply want to include Macquarie York in your project marketing or agent selection process.

Macquarie York are experienced professionals in determining your project pricing strategy, in helping you to attract genuine buyers within the time frame required, and by following our consultant advice we will ensure your development makes a realistic profit.

If you select Macquarie York as your development’s Master Agent we will waive the consultancy fee. Start your project with a forecast of confidence. Call us for an appointment today.

Contact us for meeting/ further information and quote for service.

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