Property arena

Our partnership advantage

Macquarie York is an established expert in real estate project sales and marketing. We also offer eligible subscribers the benefit of our extensive experience and industry affiliations through Property Arena. This exclusive property sales forum lists chosen current market and before market properties as real estate investment options for your clients.

The Macquarie York property arena benefits industry professionals:

  • Real Estate agents
  • International agents
  • Investments sales specialist
  • SMSF specialist
  • Accountants
  • Mortgage brokers

By subscribing to Property Arena you enter a professional circle:

  • Professional strategic partnerships
  • Quality property stock in key growth areas
  • Affiliation with industry professionals
  • Professional relationship management
  • Value added services to your clients
  • Competitive point of difference
  • Our tested property research strategy
  • Qualified and reliable client service
  • Brand exposure opportunities
How does Property Arena work?
Property Arena is an integrated IT platform that is dedicated to servicing strategic partners and their investors. By combining Macquarie York’s property research methodology, property selections, an investment calculator and customised reports, the Property Arena software successfully matches investors with suitable investment properties.
Top Property Arena Features
  • Find, evaluate and secure top performing investment properties based upon the investor’s personal profile
  • Access detailed investment disclosure reports on every property
  • Create, modify and compare your own unique investment scenarios
Further, by becoming a subscriber to Property Arena you also enter a professional forum where you can connect with developers, advisors, property agents and buyers from anywhere in Australia through our powerful, yet easy-to-use software. Property Arena enables buyers and sellers to work independently. Investors or their representative can evaluate properties without bias or influence from the listing agent. By utilising comprehensive evaluation tools, our software matches investors to top performing properties in just minutes, rather than days.
7 Reasons to Use Property Arena in Your Business
  • Provides comprehensive details about every property and removes unnecessary frustration
  • Presents selected profile matched properties professionally and comprehensively
  • Creates a point of difference for your business and on your business website
  • Improves the volume of investment listings to your prospective buyers
  • Easy to integrate your business with this valuable investor function
  • Connect your current team and network instantly through powerful new sales tools
  • Stay in control of the selling process by using our advanced transaction & reporting tools

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